The Coalition

Valley of Innovations

Society as we know it one day started under the Huntington Beach Pier, and it has been coming east ever since. For decades, that progress has been sloshing up against the Ortega mountains, portions splashing over its ridge into our valley. One day soon that vast wave of business opportunity will spill over, cascading benefits for those who are ready.

Getting the region ready is the mission of the Economic Development Corporation – The Coalition. Creating and then coalescing the many business and government coalitions into one dynamic and effective economic development engine is what this region needs to move in its entirety into a world class quality of business life.

We have what it takes: The best schools. The best location. The best safety. The best employees. The best leadership. The best infrastructure. And more. It is The Coalition’s job to lead the region to capitalize on those assets and get the word out to the rest of the world.

The word? Nothing short of the fact that our region can be the future of California’s Business.

You are a part of that vision. Invest in something historic and special. Your participation will also benefit you. Come. Make a real difference. Join the Coalition.

Our Purpose

Founded in 1991, The EDC is a private/public partnership that promotes Southwest California regional economic development through business retention and development, job opportunities, and related economic growth. The EDC is dedicated to expanding the competitive position of the regional businesses in a global economy.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest California is to enhance business retention and development by promoting economic growth and positive business environment that enables the sustained economic success of the region. Southwest California companies rely on the EDC to take a leadership role in economic development, with the primary focus on creating a rich, sustainable economy that provides high-wage jobs.